Best Catering Services in Ghaziabad

Shree Badrinath Caterers is a premium catering services company operating from Ghaziabad in the Delhi NCR region. We offer catering services for weddings, functions, conferences, reception parties, birthday parties and celebrations of every kind. We cater to the taste and preference of the host party and customized the catering services within the budget of the host. The budget puts no restrictions our creativity and quality of services. Our best catering services in Ghaziabad help the host to make every party or celebration memorable for guests. We understand that at the core of every function or weddings in India is great food. It is the great food that defines the success of a party.

Our experienced chefs and organizer discuss comprehensively the need and requirement of the host party and then create the unique menu. We never repeat the menu of one party or function as every host is unique for us with own taste and cuisine need. As a business policy, we never use artificial taste or color enhancer or ready made pastes available in the market. Our chefs always use fresh ingredients and vegetables. The spices used in our preparations are made by our own staff with ingredients carefully selected by our chefs.

Best catering services in Ghaziabad

We prepared the non-vegetarian and vegetarian with low oil without pungent spices and keeping in mind general health consciousness of the people. In addition to preparing the unique menu for every party and function we present the food items in an enchanting way in the crockery that matches the interior decorations or the theme of the party. We assure a unique and memorable experience to the host and guests with our menu. Our preparation method keeps food delicious, light and tasty which makes guest to eat to their heart’s content without feeling heavy.

The best catering services in Ghaziabad give a lot of options to the host party to pick up the best items from the non-vegetarian and vegetarian food. Our desserts, fresh juices, soft drinks and hard drinks, cocktails and light snacks cater to every taste and liking in the party. As a premium catering services provider in Ghaziabad we have our own catering team of hotel management graduates, is trained to handle top notch clients and guests. Our catering services ensure that the host gets ample free time to enjoy and indulge in our food and drinks.